How to graduate

Credits and deadlines

Students who are preparing the graduation application must

  1. have requested the registration of the credits of the internship for thesis of the first course year, of the Informatic Skills (second year) and of the free activity credits of the second year (6 + 6 credits)
  2. send the application according to the deadlines indicated by the department (go to this page).
How to apply for graduation and general information

For full details on the application process please, see this page link

Please note:

  1. The thesis must include an abstract in English and in Italian language, the thesis and the abstract must be included in the same pdf/A file.
  2. The thesis for the Students’ Secretariat must be only digital, no hard copies must be submitted to the Students’ Secretariat.
Thesis frontpage


Please note: the title on the frontpage must be in English. The title on the first, inner, page must be in English and Italian language (see the template).