Study Plan

Molecular Life Science - MLS
Molecular and Digital Biology - MDB

I Course Year

Subject Credits Semester SSD
Methods in Biochemistry 9 I BIO/10
Structural Biology 6 I BIO/11
Microbial Genetics 6 I BIO/18
Advanced Molecular Biology 6 II BIO/11
Bioinformatics 6 II ING-INF/06
Human Molecular Genetics 6 II BIO/18
Molecular Pharmacology 6 II BIO/14
Internship for experimental thesis 14 I + II  


II Course Year

Subject Credits Semester SSD
Cellular Biochemistry 6 I BIO/10
Developmental Biology 6 I BIO/06
Plant Molecular Biology and Biotechnology 6 II BIO/04
Molecular Microbiology 6 II BIO/19
Informatic Skills (to be registered at the end of the II semester, it does not require to attend a course) 1 II  
Elective credits*: two elective courses** (6 + 6 credits) OR one elective course** + one elective laboratory§ activity (6 credits) 12 I, II  
Internship for experimental thesis (these credits are registered at after the thesis defence) 24 I + II  


*Elective credits

**Elective courses

Subject Credits Semester SSD
Advanced Microscopy (elective) 6 I BIO/06
Molecular Genetics (elective) 6 I BIO/18
Molecular Entomology (elective) 6 II BIO/05
Immunology (elective) 6 II MED/04

§Laboratories for elective credits

Laboratory of Plant Pathology
Laboratory of Botany
Laboratory of Plant Physiology
Laboratory of Zoology
Laboratory of Comparative Anatomy and Cytology
Laboratory of Ecology
Laboratory of Physiology
Laboratory of Biochemistry
Laboratory of Molecular Biology
Laboratory of Pharmacology
Laboratory of Genetics
Laboratory of Microbiology
Laboratory of General Pathology
Laboratory of Immunology
Laboratory of Parasitology
Laboratory of Bioinformatics