Documents, authorisations, credit registration

General Information

General information including those for the application for graduation, supervisor (tutor), thesis preparation. Click to download

Complete procedures concerning the online submission of the application for graduation are indicated at this pagePlease note: the digital copy of the thesis is sufficient, please contact opponents (contro relatori) to know if, for some reasons, they also want a hard copy.

From September 2016, thesis defences take place at the Polo Didattico Cravino.

Authorization to begin the internship for thesis in a laboratory external to the university of Pavia

IMPORTANT: this is a “internato di tesi“, this is NOT a “tirocinio”. Those students who are going to start the internship for thesis in a laboratory that is not part of the University of Pavia, like those in the Hospital San Matteo, in Mondino or Maugeri, must follow the steps reported below. The completion of these steps is compulsory to have the authorization to begin the internship and to start the health insurance.

Students must fill two documents.

  1. Authorization
    1. download the form found at this link Click to download;
    2. find a supervisor inside the teaching board of Biology,
    3. the supervisor inside the teaching boards (from point 2) must sign the document from point “1”,
    4. fill with the information of the institution where you will carry out the internship
    5. send the form to the Student Secretariat via direct line ( at least 15 days before starting the internship. Full instructions are indicated in the form. The Student Secretariat will complete the steps necessary to start your health insurance.
Documentation required to register free activity credits, credits for internship for thesis and credits for informatic skills

To register free activity credits, credits for internship for experimental thesis of the first course year and credits for informatic skills, at least 20 days before graduation session, the candidate must:

  1. Download their study plan.
  2. Download the document found at this link Click to download.
  3. Fill in the document. The PI of the Laboratory must sign the document. Also for those students who are carrying out the internship in a laboratory outside the Department of Biology and Biotechnology (ex. in the Department of Molecular Medicine or CNR) or outside the University (ex. in the San Matteo Hospital), the document must be signed by the Head of the laboratory. Students at the second year who are about to graduate must request the registration of the Informatic Skills credits and the free activity credits (6 + 6 credits).
  4. Send the study plan and the form to the President of the Teaching Board (Professor Elena Raimondi, e-mail address putting the PI in CC.

Note: the credits of the internship for experimental thesis of the second year (24 CFU) will be automatically registered at the end of the course after the thesis defense.

Note 2: credits associated to informatic skills only need to be registered, there is no course to attend.