Tuition Fees

For full details on the calculation of tuition fees, please see this page. There you will also find a Tax Simulator for incomes produced abroad.


Determination of tuition fee for Non-EU students residing abroad

Tuition fees for non-EU range from 400 to 4,500 € per year according to the citizenship. (Note: non-EU students can request that tuition fees are calculated according to their family income). Tuition fees for non-EU students are automatically calculated according to their citizenship. The amount of the tuition fee depends on the classification of home-countries in brackets. The classification is proposed by the World Bank. Please note that brackets and fees can change  among academic years. Flat rates do not apply to students who requested EDISU benefits (free meals, places in colleges etc…) or EDISU scholarships. Students who applied for EDISU benefits will automatically have their fee calculated according to their family income. 

Non-EU students can request their fees to be calculated according to their family income.

Tuition fees are split in 4 installments.


Determination of tuition fee for Italian students, EU students wherever residing and Non-EU students residing regularly in Italy

Tuition fees for Italian and EU students range from 156 to 3,985 € per year according to family income. University fees are based on a Flat Rate. Tuition fees include a flat fee (or fixed / first installment, 156 €) and a variable fee (all-inclusive fee).

Tuition fees are split in 4 installments


Deadlines can be found on this page in section “PAYMENT DEADLINES”.

Exemptions and reimbursement for either the fixed fee or all-inclusive-fee are possible. For precise details please see section 3 “EXEMPTIONS AND REIMBURSEMENTS” of the tuition fee announcement.